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Before heading into the mountains check up-to-date trail info, & register your trek intentions with the National Park office in Bariloche, Pampa Linda or online.

Pampa Linda to Colonia Suiza

The best long distance trek in the National Park - only to be undertaken by experiences trekkers. This is the hardest route in the National Park must only be undertaken by experienced trekkers with map reading and route finding skills as the trail is not well marked in places. This route does not usually open until about January each year due to the amount of snow on the trail; enquire at the National Park Office


It is advised to walk the route in the direction from Pampa Linda to Colonia Suiza.

Start: Pampa Linda, but you could also walk the Paso de Nubes Trek to Puerto Frias and take the boat back (AR$600 Nov 2015) extra 2 days. Or add on an overnight at Otto Meiling Refugio

This route has many finishing options, but the shortest route would be to start from Colonia Suiza. Other options would be to incorporate Cerro Catedral, Cerro Lopez or Refugio Jakob etc...

An alternative starting point is detailed in this blog:

More coming soon...

Water: Numerous water options where the trail crosses streams (marked on the map).

Is the stream water safe to drink? As with any mountain region where lots of people trek, there will be pollution of water sources. The refuges provide safe drinking water; whilst out on the trails I would recommend treating water from streams found in the more popular areas and taking other water sources on a case by case basis depending on the stream source.



Bariloche - Villa Catedral (Cerro Catedral ski resort): During summer there are public buses (Bus no. 55) about once an hour between 7.00am and 8.00pm starting from the Bus terminal, passing through the centre of Bariloche then alternately going along Avenida Bustillo and Avenida Pioneros. The bus doesn't have a number but instead has a sign in the window saying 'Cerro Catedral'. The cost is (ask at the Tourist Info or Mountain Info centres for up to date prices) per person one way, payable in cash; alternatively you can pre purchase tickets at the bus company offices. Get off at the last stop in the huge car park at the base of the ski resort.

Bariloche - Pampa Linda: There are tourist services daily during the summer months, in the morning (about 8.30am - confirm before travel), returning in the evening (5pm - confirm before travel). Ask at the Mountain Info Centre next to Club Andino and opposite at Transitando lo Natural for prices and timetable. Buy your tickets in advance, especially in the high season. Enquire for departures out of season which may as there may no be any unless there is enough demand. NO ticket office in Pampa Linda but you may be able to buy tickets on the bus in Pampa Linda subject to space - enquire in Bariloche before heading out. Enquire at the Otto Meiling and Paso de la Nubes Refuges as they may also offer bus ticket sales.

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Pampa Linda to Colonia Suiza (black trail 12) frey-trek

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