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The National Park Free and Compulsory Trekking Registration...

There is a free and compulsory trekking registration form that should be completed each time you go treking in the Nahuel National Park

The information you provide not only give statistics for the National Park Office but more importantly provides a record of your intended route if you were to have an accident in the mountains.

IMPORTANT: The details you provide are merely a record of your intended route. Nobody checks to see if you actually completed your intended route, the forms are not monitored. Always ensure you also leave your route and intended return date with someone reliable who can alert the emergency services should you not return.

You can register in person at the following locations:

The National Park Office in downtown Bariloche

The Mountain Info Center in downtown Bariloche

National Park Office in Pampa Linda (for those doing the Refugio Otto Meiling / Paso de la Nubes trek)

You can also fill out the form online: scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'I've read the recommendations' link

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