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Gear Stores

(Be aware that due to importation tax, prices will be a lot higher than in North America or Europe and there will be less variety!)

La Bolsa del Deporte

They sell new and second hand equipment, clothing, footware, accessories, skis/snowboards.

Moreno 965 - just along the block from the Carrefour Supermarket
Tel: 4433111
Opening hours:
- Monday to Friday: 9:30am - 1pm & 4:40pm - 8:30pm
- Saturdays: 9:30am - 1pm

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Raid (they RENT equipment)

Mitre 860 (you can email in English!)
Opening hours:
- Monday to Friday: 9am - 1pm & 5pm - 9pm
- Saturdays: 10am - 1pm

They sell new & second hand equipment, clothing, footware, accessories, skis/snowboards.
They also RENT outdoor equipment, tents/sleeping bags/crampons/ice axes etc.
Example rental (prices correct as of October 2013)
- Tent (for 4 people) ar$ 50 per day
- Sleeping Bags ar$ 40 per day
- Stove ar$ 30 per day (gas not included)
- Snowshoes ar$ 40 per day



Elflein 13
Tel: 4400165



Mitre 130 - This is the biggest store in Bariloche.


The North Face

Quaglia 274
Tel: 4430975

North Face clothing, footware & equipment


Columbia & Mountain Hardware

Mitre 570 (street just past the LAN iarline office)


Patagonia Anglers

Moreno 205
Tel: 4427353

Maps, Gas Canisters, Camping , Fishing & Outdoor equipment

The Outdoor Company

Moreno 102 (on the corner with Quaglia street)
Tel: 4421924

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday de 9 to 13 & 16:30 a 21Hs.
Sunday: 4:30pm - 9pm

ECO Eurocamping

Mitre 662
Tel: 443 6627

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday de 9 to 13 & 16:30 a 21Hs.
Saturday 9:30 to 13 & 18 a 21Hs.

A wide varierty of clothing & outdoor equipment for both summer and winter seasons.


Need something repaired?

Gas for Stoves

Euro camping - Roland 257 - MSR gas

Samay Huasi - Morales 436 - White Gas


Gas Canisters (can be found at most outdoor stores)

Screw In, disposable Gas Canisters available in Bariloche (Butane/Propane mix) AR$105 per canister (Nov 2014)


The Phone area code for Bariloche is (0294)

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